Da mich Wintersport nicht sonderlich interessiert, hatte ich mit Bergen bis vor ein paar Jahren relativ wenig am Hut. Rodeln fand in meiner Norddeutschen Heimat am Deich statt, stolze 10 Meter talwärts. Nichts desto trotz kann, wie ich heute weiß, auch ein Hanseat Freude an Bergen entwickeln. Egal ob sie nun spitz, schroff, blockartig, symmetrisch Continue Reading →

Part 3: Southeastern Europe!

  Yesterday there had been a lot of campsites along the magistrala (8), but I just cant remember, why we´ve actually picked this one. We´re almost the only guests, and if we hadn’t been looking for the concierge yesterday, we probably wouldn’t have to pay anything I guess. Well, then again, maybe not. Nobody has Continue Reading →

Part 2: Southeastern Europe!

The nasty thing with the mosquito-net is: You wake up the SECOND the sun rises. And in late June, the sun rises soon. In terms of biorhythm, B.Rang is more of the owl-type and I work best in the morning. But this is too soon. I´ll have to work something out the next days.   Continue Reading →

Part 1: Southeastern Europe!

This would be my first long trip on a bike. When I was a teenager, me and my friends traveled to the south of France and Spain a lot – but always cramped into rather small cars, busy arguing about where to go and what to do next. This time, I wanted to do a Continue Reading →